Government of Uttar Pradesh
Right to Information Act 2005 Section 4 (1) B related information
  1. Details of the functions and duties of the organization.
  2. The Rights and Duties of its Officers and Employees
  3. Procedure to be followed in decision-making, under the provisions of supervision and accountability.
  4. The criteria to be adopted for the editing of their duties.
  5. Details of the rules, regulations, instructions, directories and records under its control, used by the employee for the discharge of its duties.
  6. Advertising of the categories of holdings or records of your subject under your control.
  7. Details of members participating in consultation related arrangements, representants or policy making or enforcement.
  8. Details of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies, which are formed by two or more persons in its part or for its advice, and those boards, councils, committees and other bodies which have been opened for the people, Or brief reports of meetings that will be subject to reach of people.
  9. Directory of officers and employees
  10. Details of the monthly salary / rewards received by each officer and employees, under which the nature of compensation is provided by the regulations.
  11. The budget of each agency which is related to them, in which details of all plans, proposed expenditures and payments made.
  12. Method of execution of gratuity program, under which details of the money and description of the beneficiaries.
  13. Details of the recipients of exemptions granted by the Department to the authority letters superiors.
  14. Information provided by the department or information not provided, details of the information that was enclosed in electronic format.
  15. Details of the available facilities to the citizens for obtaining information, the period of work of the library or study room, if it is for people's use
  16. Name, post and other details of Public Information Officer.
  17. Other Information